A team, who love their job

As you love each other, similarly, we love what we do. We are convinced that
you can achieve the greatest results when doing something you really love.

The Crystal Events team consists of talented and enthusiastic people, who believe that a wedding and festivities are an important and special event of life. Every person in our team purposefully and responsibly moves towards a great result. Therefore each wedding is special and different. Just as different as our couples are. This motivates us to look for new and unprecedented solutions to give individuality to every wedding. We yearn for surprises not only for the couples, but also for ourselves, because we are convinced that only a tenacious team is able to offer the best and most contemporary solutions.

We are ready to organize weddings of varying styles and on any scale. With great enthusiasm and creative energy we can get involved in wedding projects on an ambitious scale which pull in large crowds of guests sometimes for several days. We also enjoy romantic weddings, for instance in the middle of a forest, where the ceremony is quiet and intimate. The scale of the wedding does not matter, your smile does; this is of the greatest importance. This is the best and the truest remuneration for the job we have done. This motivates us to grow and develop

We agree with the expression that “being in love never goes out of fashion” (Grace Ormonde), because we believe that falling in love is the most beautiful adornment for humans. We follow the global wedding trends to improve our knowledge and to enable us to offer the most modern and most contemporary wedding and design solutions. The core of our team consists of experienced professionals, who love their job and know how to achieve outstanding results. We work as a united and harmonious machine, with a natural feel for each other and clearly understand the values of the wedding industry.