• Aleksandra & Aleksandrs

    August 2015

A warm August evening. Downtown noise could be heard in the distance, but the young couple enjoyed the provincial romance at the idyllic Rāmavas manor together with their wedding guests. Aleksandra and Aleksandrs completely trusted our ideas and allowed us to surprise them therefore the intrigue about the visuals of the wedding event was saved until the Big Day. They knew the wedding would be boho style, however, they did not see what it would look like before their wedding day. Dream catchers dancing in the wind, feathers and bent grass met the couple at the charming park on the seashore and these were noticeable in all of the wedding decorations. The wedding presentation was embodied by light, but the elegant Bohemian way of life evoked associations with the positive age of hippies. The celebration was also “attended” by the Moon, watching the care-free festivities taking place in the open air yard of the Rāmavas manor.

Light ropes were entwined above the celebrations, enviably delicious candy was arranged on vintage wooden furniture, and a relaxation lounge with a retro gramophone was arranged in another corner, while another place was called a corner of kisses. An attractive disc jockey opened the evening for dancing and laughter in the moonlight. The young couple embodied the feelings of children of nature. The bride had a romantic flower crown instead of a veil, and a light, floaty dress, whilst the groom dressed in clothes of summery colours. The couple allowed us to dress them. Before the dancing, the couple enjoyed a romantic respite – a picnic on a carpet in the shade under a tree, surrounded by flowers, chandeliers and dream catchers. We are pleased that the crowd of dream catchers managed to catch the dream of Aleksandra and Aleksandrs about the wedding they had dreamed of.