• Linda & Kevin

    August 2016

They longed to say to each other and all the world – “yes, I love you”! Loudly and convincingly. To get this happy message to cross the continent, they stumbled up a mountain range in Ireland and then returned to the motherland, and the grand Bīriņu castle. It was right here, where a Latvian girl Linda, and an Irish gentleman Kevin, promised each other never-ending togetherness. Aristocratic elegance and real Latvian wedding traditions – that’s how the possibly whitest wedding fairy-tale in the world began. As white as the early snow, as fragile as the fluff from a white dandelion , and as light as a white dove.

Since a large majority of guests were foreigners, the wedding ceremony was held in two languages – Latvian and English. The Latvian wedding etiquette became an integral part of the festivities. They enjoyed the traditions and nature of Latvia. They searched for the earth power by wading into a cornfield of rye and for joy in the photo session in the park of the historical manor. Meanwhile, parts of Irish culture arrived through folk-songs, sounds of traditional Irish dances with bagpipes surrounding the ritual dressing ceremony. The decorations of the celebration hall lead into a white fairy-tale, alternating with the dominating wedding colour – vintage pink.