• Valērija & Jānis

    September 2015

After five years of friendship, Valērija and Jānis decided it was the right time to change their relationship status. How long could they carry on for as boyfriend and girlfriend? It was time to call each other husband and wife. On the first Saturday of September, this idea turned from a small acorn into a magnificent oak, the dense branches of which became a shelter for the birth of a young family. Ozoliņi. They knew right from the start their wedding would have a theme, thus helping to wrap everything into a unified story. Furthermore, could a couple with the surname Ozoliņš face any problems relating to the selection of a theme? There are no better candidates as oak leaves and acorns. These significant natural elements became a meaningful wedding symbol. The first wedding messengers, invitations decorated with acorns and oak leaves, fell into friends’ mailboxes.

Wedding symbols were also skilfully hidden in the guests’ presents, idly basked in the summer sun, together with floral compositions and at the very top of the wedding cake. Two acorns on neat guest cards showed guests where to take their correct seats at the festive table. Combining the power and portliness of oak, romantic country touch alternating with light city elegance, marked the wedding. Colours of the grand tree – green, yellow and brown – made the colour palette for the wedding of Valērija and Jānis. The wedding guests were also dressed in clothes of these colours. Men’s smiles were highlighted by green bow-ties, while ladies shone in the sun’s colours. Although Valērija and Jānis are a couple from the land of blue lakes – Latgale, where weddings in the Latvian tradition are especially popular, they chose their own way to go. “We were looking for something untraditional, without the usual crossing of bridges and breaking of plates,” remembers Jānis.