• Inna & Intars

    September 2014

On the morning of the wedding, a watery blue colour woke Inna and Intars and became a messenger for their love festivities. The blue colour was hidden in small details and also hinted from the clothes of bridesmaids. Brooches became the theme of the wedding and were incorporated into each element of the event. Magnificent and shining brooches, each of them with its own special story, flew together from all parts of world to become a part of the bride’s original wedding bouquet. The idea for the creation of the wedding bouquet using brooches was a dream cherished and implemented by the bride herself.

A special brooch – in the shape of a ship’s wheel decorated the groom’s suit and symbolically marked the occupation of Intars. Sophisticated and sweet brooches were also hidden in the icing forms and decorated the many confectionery masterpieces. On their way from the church to the place of celebration at the Kalnciema quarter, the couple, on impulse, attended an amusement park and gave in to adrenaline producing entertainment , thus resulting in unforgettable emotions and amusing wedding pictures.