• Viktorija & Kim

    September 2015

This wedding was organized as a present for the young couple. The bestower of the present was the groom’s father. The wedding concept was naturally developed in close cooperation with the groom himself. The central theme of the wedding concept – colours. Blue and orange dominated the wedding as two opposite poles. In order to find the most precise colour nuances, we looked at a number of shades and found what we were looking for – midnight blue and bright orange. Painted floral compositions in exquisite colours , table cards and invitations in various accents were designed. These colours also decorated the young couple; a dark blue satin band around the waist for her, and a bright floral buttonhole for him.

The couple got married abroad, but saved all the celebrations for Rūmenes manor. This wonderful manor was filled with joviality for three days. Before the celebrations started, the couple enjoyed some time alone in a photo session. The photo session took them to a bulwark in the sea. They played with autumn leaves at Kandava, which was wrapped in an ancient aura. They went for a walk with their two faithful dogs. Amid all this – a romantic lunch at the manor park was waiting, lit by a floral chandelier. Upon return to the manor, the couple were met by rose-leaf rain and a symbolic ribbon, which was cut to give the starting signal for the celebrations. Gorgeous floral compositions, floating candles in glass dishes and mirror surfaces decorated with crystals adorned the central table. Next to this, stood a special candy table. Favourite musicians covered the event like a fabulous, delicious icing.