Each moment around you will be beautiful and true. Your only task is to enjoy
this day together with your loved ones. We will take care of the rest.

Full service wedding

Comprehensive wedding concept

The comprehensive wedding concept includes the following: introductory consultation, planning the wedding budget, development of the creative and technical scenario, styling for the bride and groom, design and overall presentation, design of paper items – invitations, table cards, guest books, symbols, choosing the place for the ceremony and celebration, photo and video service, involvement of moderators, musical programme and other artists.


Partial service wedding

Separate wedding services

We offer separate wedding services, including the development of a visual concept of the wedding and decorations, selection and decoration of the venue for the wedding ceremony, styling for the bride and groom (involvement of style experts, hairdressers and (??visagist)), coordination and management of the course of the event according to a structured plan thus providing the smooth running of the wedding. We have good knowledge of all the phases of wedding planning and how to implement each phase to maximum efficiency.


SOS! Last minute wedding

A lifebuoy for a wedding

You realize you need assistance in the organization of your wedding shortly before the date? We have operative solutions for the planning of the “last minute wedding” which are useful for those, who have chosen to get married spontaneously or understood in the planning process that professional assistance is required. We will serve as a lifebuoy taking your wedding to the most beautiful island in the world. We will take over the organisation process of your wedding at any time and give you the wedding you’ve always dreamed of.


Proposal surprise

‘I do!’ Before planning a wedding it is obvious the bride has to first agree to marry her groom. Therefore we offer original and special ideas for an inspired proposal. We will help to find and decorate the venue for the proposal, and take care of the music and food. We will turn the romantic proposal ritual into a special, memorable moment, ensuring the moment of surprise is kept right up to the last second.

Special events

Special festivities and celebrations

There are so many variations for the celebrations in life – corporate events, birthdays, surprise parties, seminars and conferences. There are so many formats, but they all share the same desire for good quality content. We have creative ideas and knowledge, how to turn any of the special moments of your life into unforgettable experiences, no matter whether it is an anniversary of a large company or a special birthday party. Celebrations must be enjoyed!


All you need for the wedding decoration

Good quality and an original festive inventory in the same place – furniture, textiles, dishes and design accessories. We have a wide and comprehensive range of festive resources which are very useful for festivities of any kind or style. Our inventory has been carefully maintained and availability is ensured. The range of the inventory is being added to with original design items on a regular basis. Furthermore, we offer delivery of the inventory to/from the venue of the event.